What we can do to prevent black magic

Kholijah binti Yaacob (G75388)
Realize the fact. Only you can protect you. Have faith and willpower. Be determined to help yourself.Refuse to acknowledge the presence of evil and or negative energy. Focus on good thoughts. Create an aura of positive energy. Allow your heart to ignore anything menacing or dark. Avoid any magical offense. Develop the stance of total inner and outer peace and harmony. Do not give into a fight of any kind. Ward off evil and negative energy by the decision of non-aggression.

Hasnul Hisham bin Ruslan (G75361)
Deny permission to any magical attack altogether. Build a wall of defense in your mind and heart. The strength from within will be your light and shield. Have total confidence and trust in that wall to keep you safe from harm.Do not believe in anything magical. Write it off as mere fantasy and the stuff movies are made of. Do not accept the possibility of its existence because then it cannot have power or control over you.

Mohd. Yusuf bin Yaakob (G76175)
In order to relieve a person from the clutches of black magic, reciting certain Quran verses can have a tremendous impact. Quran, the one Book among many, has been sent as a cure and mercy for its followers and for those who seek this Holy book for healing purposes. Recitation of Surah Al-Falak, Surah Al-Naas, and the above mentioned verses of Surah Al-baqarah can be helpful in dispelling the effects of black magic.

Mohd. Azril bin Kapli (G76169)
Although no one has the power to harm or protect us except Allah, yet every Muslim should empower them through practicing Islam, reading the Qur’an, offering Prayers and following Allah’s commands. If you want to read Quran and learn the basic principles of Islamic teachings, please visit our website for online Quran reading and learning programs with free 3 days trial. Let Allah be your supreme protector (Amen).

Amran bin Che Meh (G75320)
According to buddha belief, it does seem that there is a risk of receiving harm from black magic. You should recite one mala or 80 Black Manjushri mantras in the morning. This mantra seems very important.
There is also a protection mantra that it would be beneficial for you to wear. This also brings good fortune to your family. You should wear it all the time. At night, when you are asleep, it may fall under your body, and this is not good. If there is a way you can wear it when you go to bed so as to prevent it falling under your body, for example, on your arm, that might be OK, as long as you don’t turn over and then the mantra falls under your body. So, if you can figure out a way to wear it also at night time, but making sure that you do not sleep on it, that would be good.
This is a very powerful protection. This mantra pacifies war, fighting, disputes, others criticizing us, and black magic. It protects us from the four dangers of fire, water, and so forth, and protects us from human harms and non-human harms. It actually returns the harm back to the other person. I am not sure if this happens just by wearing it or if you have to recite it. Definitely, when you recite it, it returns the harmful black magic to where it came from. If someone shoots a bullet then the bullet actually goes back to the person. The protection mantra is a direct teaching of Buddha from the Mantra Serchen, from the Kangyur Volume XX, in the section of collection of mantras.


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